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Algorithmic Trading is also known as Algo trades or automated traded or black box Trading. In this type of Trading, there is minimum human interference and computer programs are used to trade at higher speed and volumes according to the pre-defined parameters.

Algo Trading is machining trading which involves minimum human interference. Algo Trading uses computer programs with pre-defined parameters to trade at a speed which is impossible for a normal human to trade.

The global market is expected to grow rapidly in terms of usage of Algo Trading. It is expected that the percentage of Algo Trading in derivatives and commodity markets will grow significantly across the globe.

Stock Trading Algorithms are very much profitable. Their returns easily beat what a normal human trader can achieve with manual Trading.

An automated Trading system can be created using advanced mathematical computer programs for transacting in the financial markets.

Some of the disadvantages of Algo Trading include dependence on technology, requires resources, loss of human control and risk of over-optimization.

There are many advantages of Algo Trading. Some of them are no human emotions, accuracy, speed, ability to backtest, discipline, consistency, etc.

Python has a functional programming approach that can be used for writing and evaluating the Algo Trading structures.

Technically Trading robots really work and are used as a tool of Trading by the traders in the market.

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